Electro Detach Coil

Kaneka succeeded in developing of the softest tip of the Delivery Wire.Super Flexible Delivery Wire prevents “kickback” of micro catheter from the neck of the aneurysm.

Treatment of intracranial aneurysms


The term intracranial aneurysm is used to describe the dilations or weak points in the walls of arterial blood vessels. Because of the weaknesses in the vessel walls, there is an increased risk of tears in the blood vessels, or ruptures, of the arteries supplying the blood to the brain


A unique large diameter coil provides flexible filling regardless of the size and shape of an aneurysm.


The Electro Detach Generator detects and indicates by sound and light signals the best Detach Point even when the position of the second marker of a microcatheter is not detectable under a X-ray fluoroscopy,Easy to use, disposable, sterilized, detachment of the coil can be done in single step operation by pressing 2 buttons simultaneously.

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