NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter

The NeuroSpeed® is a PTA balloon catheter for the gentle and effective treatment of intracranial stenosis. It is an over-the-wire catheter with an inner diameter of 0.0165" which is available with various balloon diameters (1.5 mm; 2.0 mm; 2.5 mm; 3.0 mm; 3.5 mm; 4.0 mm) and a balloon length of 8 mm.

Multi-polymer shaft construction


Multi-polymer shaft construction with proximally increased stiffness and distal flexibility for effective and precise control even through tortuous anatomies


REACH:The usable length of 150 cm allows access to very distal lesions and also means that the balloon catheter can be used in combination with intermediate catheters for additional stability. PASS:Flexible tip with distal tip X-ray marker ensures atraumatic access to distal stenosis. RESTORE: Effective coverage of a large vessel di­am­e­ter range with a compact product portfolio


A slim entrance profile and double hydrophilic coating guarantee a smooth passage through even the narrowest stenosis. Unique balloon compliance concept offers the advantage of being able to in­crease the nomi­nal balloon di­am­e­ter if nec­es­sary by up to 0.5 mm without "dog-boning" effect, even in the high pressure rangeGentle and effective dilation of the stenosis thanks to the outstanding ma­terial prop­er­ties of the balloon

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