ACANDIS ,Owner-Managed Medical Devices Company

ACANDIS specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of products for the treatment of neurovascular diseases. Their products are used by interventional neuroradiologists for the prevention and treatment of strokes. They see themselves as a reliable, forward-thinking partner, supporting clinical users with innovative products for the neuro-interventional prevention and treatment of strokes – for the benefit of patients. Their work is focused on user-oriented research and development based on a sound knowledge of process technology – Engineering Stroke Solutions!

ACANDIS's Passion


As a young, dynamic team that is highly motivated, creative and proactive, ACANDIS is committed to tackling technical and medical challenges. Technology and innovation are what drive them – and "miniaturisation" is their motto. The pathway to their product ideas starts with a comprehensive understanding of the symptoms, diagnostics and treatment options and continues to the detailed analysis of the technical viability. This enables them to offer solutions that are both innovative and user-oriented.


ACANDIS makes use of innovative technologies and wide-ranging expertise in the area of Nitinol processing and surface treatment.


ACANDIS is constantly refining their products and services, setting new standards in the interventional treatment of neurovascular diseases, deliberately making intense use of inventions, specialist literature, conferences and detailed discussions with users.