APERIO® Thrombectomy Device

The APERIO® Thrombectomy Device is the second generation of the reliable Acandis® stent retriever, which was first launched and utilized in patients in 2011. With its extended range the APERIO® Thrombectomy Device is suitable for vessel diameters from 1.5 mm to 5.5 mm. The device is available in four sizes with 3.5, 4.5 and 6.0 mm diameter.

Reliable Nitinol stent retriever for fast flow restoration


The APERIO® Thrombectomy Device is compatible with the Acandis® - NeuroSlider® Microcatheter and NeuroBridge® Intermediate Catheter.


RELIABLE:Good vessel wall apposition and clot integration based on effective hybrid cell design Precise placement and device opening control thanks to easy and clear radiopaque marker concept. VARIABLE.:Comprehensive field of application due to enhanced compatibility with smaller microcatheters High versatility due to adaptable device working length. SAFE:Optimal safety during procedure thanks to improved design Enhanced delivery and accurate placement because of transport wire with s.e.c.u.r.e. GP Technology


The APERIO® Thrombectomy Device can be used with microcatheters with an ID ranging from 0.0165" to 0.021" or 0.021" to 0.027", depending on the device size. The enhanced compatibility with smaller microcatheters allows for an increased aspiration lumen and easier thrombus passage. Moreover, all devices are compatible with 0.021" ID microcatheters, meaning that there is no need to exchange the microcatheter if a different size of the device is choosen during the procedure.

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