The Catheter Solutions for Procedures

In interventional neuroradiology, various diseases of the blood vessels are treated using minimally invasive, endovascular techniques. By puncturing the artery in the groin, various miniaturised instruments and implants can be navigated into the target region in the brain by using different catheters.

Catheters allow a gentle and effective treatment of intracranial stenosis.


A distinction is made here, for example, between guide catheters, intermediate catheters, microcatheters and balloon catheters, which are used in different combinations depending on the type of therapy.


The catheter product portfolio covers the following catheters:


The NeuroSlider® Microcatheter is a flexible microcatheter which provides easy access to the target region and delivers devices and coils. The very versatile NeuroBridge® Intermediate Catheter offers support and added stability when accessing lesions at the distal extremity and is also suitable for aspiration. The NeuroSpeed® PTA Balloon Catheter allows a gentle and effective treatment of intracranial stenosis.