NeuroBridge® Intermediate Catheter

The NeuroBridge® is a multi-functional intermediate catheter, which offers support and stability for microcatheters and is also suitable for aspiration. It is available in three different diameters – 0.039", 0.052" and 0.065", each in different lengths.

Multi Polymer Shaft Construction


Multi polymer shaft construction consisting of 5 different zones with smooth transition from hub to tip ensures precise navigation and optimized torque control


PUSH:Proximal shaft stiffness leads to superior pushability Dual layer hydrophilic coating ensures enhanced lubricity and durability. TORQUE:Push-torque-navigate braiding technology induces excellent torquability.25° multi-purpose tip shape enables an easy and safe vessel targeting.SUPPORT:Soft, rounded and flexible tip allows atraumatic access even through tortuous anatomy


Special braiding construction ensures overall increased kink and ovalization resistanceRobust inner lumen leads to enhanced stability and safety during aspiration Low friction inner PTFE liner assures smooth passage and safe delivery of microcatheters

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