NeuroSlider® Microcatheter

The NeuroSlider® is a microcatheter for flexible use which was developed for the safe, low-friction delivery of devices and coils. It is available with inner diameters of 0.0165", 0.021" and 0.027" and a length of 155 cm.

Multi Polymer Con­struction


Multi polymer con­struction con­sisting of 5 dif­fer­ent flexibility zones with smooth tran­si­tion from maxi­mum stability at the hub to maxi­mum flexibility at the tip permits precise and ef­fec­tive navigation


ADVANCE:Dual layer hydrophilic coating ensures outstanding lubricity and durability. NAVIGATE: Shapeable tip with lasting shape re­ten­tion allows ex­cel­lent distal navi­ga­tion even in tor­tuous anato­mies. DELIVER:Inner PTFE liner minimises friction and thus provides smooth and reliable device


Push-torque-navigate braiding technology induces superior torquability and significant reduction of ovalisation and elongation. Advanced hub design with a transparent window results in a precise device transfer into the hub

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