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Angiographic Catheters

Angioplasty Vascular Catheter Quick Details

  • Size: 4f/5f/6f/7f/8f
  • Catheter Length: 45/55/60/65/70/80/90/100/110/125cm
  • Soft tip: √)
  • Radiopaque: √
  • Kink resistance ability: √
  • Curve retention: √
  • Hydrophilic cover: √

Single-use Angioplasty Vascular Catheter(abbreviated as angiographic catheter) consists of hub, protective tube, body, remote end and distal end. Among them, the body is made from PA and 304 stainless steel, remote end and distal end are made from PA, hub is made from PC.The hydrophilic coating over the catheter is to be smooth to insert.

This product is used to inject radiographic media for Peripheral vascular system during interventional operation.

Angiography is an interventional test in which a contrast agent is injected into the blood vessels. Because x-rays cannot penetrate the contrast agent, angiography uses this property to diagnose vascular lesions by the image of the contrast agent on the X-ray

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Soft tip&Wide cavitiy&Stainless steel braid


Smooth transition of the four-stage design/ Hydrophilic coating&Smooth outer wall