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Embolic Agent

Features & Advantages

  • Non-adhesive, latest technology of EVOH co-polymer;
  • Comprehensive degrees of viscosity (12 cSt, 18 cSt & 34 cSt), accommodate to various clinical requirements;
  • Enhanced fluidness, deeper penetration into the nidus & distal microvessels;
  • Stable & controlled delivery to reach complete occlusion;
  • Excellent visibility, more micronized grain size of Tantalum powder.

Liquid Embolic System is indicated for the embolization of lesions in the peripheral and neurovasculature, including arteriovenous malformations (AVM) and hypervascular tumors.

Each Embolic Agent kit contains:

  • One 1,5 mL vial of Embolic Agent
  • One 1,5 mL vial of DMSO
  • One 1 mL Blue syringe for DMSO
  • Two 1 mL White syringes for Embolic Agent

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