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Core Values&Mission

The Best Class Local Partner

Honesty, Observing the rights of the business partners, Customer first, Observing the rights of the employees, Institutionalization

Solid Medical has set sustainability and measurability of the work quality and high service level as the primary goal. Solid Medical is also conscious about the importance of appearing as a reputable and reliable company in the business life. Therefore it adopted the "Best-in-Class local partner for the Multinational Companies" and "High quality service in the sector" slogans and it has always been the pioneer and mentor in this regard.

Our vision; Representing the international medical companies as a " best in class local partner ", providing them leading competition advantage, ensuring the presence of the products everywhere and in the most appropriate way, meeting the needs and expectations of the customers ultimately and applying the generally accepted quality standards in the world while doing so.

As a corporation that based all its activities to systems and according to the ISO 9001 quality standards, increasing the efficiency by emphasizing the independent team-working, delegation of full authorization and responsibility,

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Observing the rights of the business partners


Observing the rights of the employees